Some Foreign Words Affiliated To The English Context.

There are some words which we do speak sometimes which we definitely don’t know their origin, well here are some of these words which are French, Latin or Greek in nature but were affiliated to English.


• Adieu: it is a French interjection that implies goodbye or farewell.

• bonbon: a noun which means sweet.

• Conquet: a noun also which means a man who flirt, in English.

• Conquette: A woman who flirts

• Coup: a stunning, successful action, such as a revolution, an accomplishment or a triumph

• Corps: a group of body or people.

• Coup d’état: a take over of government

• Cuisine: a style of cooking; food cooked in a particular place.

• Spirit the corps: a sense of pride, fellowship, oneness and loyalty shared among people who belong to the same group.

• Fracas: a brawl, quarrel or noisy disturbance.


• Alias: it is a Latin noun that means false or assumed name, in English

• Alma mater: a university, college or school which a person attended.

• Aqua: it means water.

• Curriculum: all the subject or course studied in an institution of.

• de facto: it means something that exists with or without recognition.

• Pastor: a shepherd.

• per annum: every year or for each year.

• Ultra: it means beyond.

• Vector: it means carrier.

• Vice Versa: the other way round.


• aegis: support, auspices and protection.

• Alpha: the first letter on the greek alphabet, it could also pass for the beginning in the English context.

• Asthma: a respiratory disease, which effect labour in breathing.

• Beta: the second letter of the greek alphabet.

• Catastrophe: it means disaster, calamity, tragedy etc.

• Delta: the fourth letter of the greek alphabet.

• Eureka: it meams “I have found it”, this was reportedly said by Archimedes a great scientist, when he realized as he was bathing that the volume of an irregular body can be calculated by measuring the water that it displaced when it is immersed in water.

• Gamma: the third letter of the greek alphabet.

• Mega: great and powerful

• Omega: the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

This are the few among other foreign words affiliated to the English language even though affiliated some of there meanings are different from the english meaning.