Wrong Application Of Science And Technology

It is obvious from my previous posts and updates, that science and technology has helped to solve individual and societal problems, eliminate ignorance, solve problems, provide answers and make life more comfortable for us. Instruments, machines, equipment and other devices have enabled things to be done efficiently, cheaper, faster, accurately, neatly and safer. Well this is not the case when product and processes of science and technology are wrongly or badly applied.

Though how useful applied science may seem to be, there are some of its negative effect on us today, below are list of them.

  • environmental pollution.

Employing science and technology in the exploration of natural resources such as petroleum, timber, wild life, solid minerals etc has led to oil spillage, gas flaring, water pollution, deforestation, and extinction of endangered species. Also urbanization and rapid industrialization has produced industrial waste, sewage, refuse, agricultural run offs (fertilizers and herbicides from farms) heavy metals and urban run offs which pollutes the lands, water and air.

Environmental pollution and degradation, is a major consequence of wrong application of science and technology. Tropical and template rain forest are disappearing. The green house gases including chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) produce the green house effects leading to global warming and it’s adverse effects and consequences. Chlorofluorocarbon are depleting the ozone layer, exposing the earth and its inhabitants to ultraviolet radiation.

Element like mercury, and the cyanides are pollutants in area where gold is mined. Fossil fuel emissions, fires, particulates, heavy metals, and photochemical smugs are air pollutants resulting from wrong application of science, via industrialization without environmental concern.

wrong application of medicine.

Deliberate termination of unwanted pregnancies or abortion, is a wrong application of medical technology. As it is usually carried out to terminate the lives of babies in the womb. In countries with high population like China, human population control has gone too far and extreme, using prenatal diagnostic techniques, female fetuses are identified and terminated because the people desire to have male children and are willing to avoid having daughters.

weapon of mass destruction.

Luckily the world health organization (WHO) has succeeded in eradicating small pox disease. But during the 1980s, the soviet Army mass produced the small pox virus as a biological weapon intended to be used against the USA and China. Soviet scientists had intended to make the virus more deadly by foreign genes from ebola, another virus.

Other weapons of mass destructions include nerve gas bomb 💣 etc. The effect of radiation arising from the atomic bomb dropped in Japan in 1945 during world war II was still felt decades after the incident. Babies were sometimes born with deformities. Efforts, money, time and energy spent on the production on these products could have being spent in the production of things that add values to our lives.

Wrong application of science and technology have resulted in loss of human life, disease outbreak, environmental degradation and have also serve as a great loss to nations and individuals.