Location of continents in the world (location and their population).

The earth is divided into 7 continents which are

africa (second largest)

Africa is located to the south of europe and to the southwest of Asia, the second largest continent in the world, it is to the south of the Mediterranean sea, west of India ocean and east of the atlantic ocean.


The absolute location of the continent is between 20W and 60E and 35N and 35S. Africa is the only continent that sits on the four hemisphere of the earth, as the equator runs almost right throught the middle of the land. Africa covers up to 12million square miles, by landmass it contains over 20% of the planets total land area. The most northern part of Africa is 34°21’N, the most southern part of Africa is 34°51’15″S and the distance between both ends is about 5000 miles. Also the most western part is located at longitude 17°31’13″W and the eastern end is 51°27’52″E. Africa slowly moves at a rate of 2.15cm annually. It consist of 54 countries and a population of over 1.2billion people.


Antarctica is dominated by it’s south polar location and thus by ice. The Antarctic continent, located on the earth southern hemisphere is centered asymmetrically round the south pole and largely south of the Antarctic cycle. It’s washed by the antarctic ocean and it has an area more than 14million km², it’s cordinates are 80°S 90°E.

98% of Antarctica is covered by Antarctic ice sheet, the world largest ice sheet and also the largest reservoir of fresh water, it has no boundaries and a coastline of about 17,968km it consist of 12 countries and a population of about 1000 inhabitants in the summer period, and about 200 inhabitants at winter.

asia (largest continent)

Asia is located in the eastern and northern hemisphere of the earth, it shares continental landmass of Eurasia with the European continent and Afroasia landmass with Africa. It covers an area of 44,579,000 square kilometre, about 30% of the earth total surface area.

Asia contains over 4.5billion people approximately 60% of the total world population, with 48 countries.

austrialia (oceania)

Also known as sahul Australia or Meganesia by technical context to distinguish it from the country of Australia, it lies between Asia, South America, and Antarctica.

It is relatively the smallest continent in the globe with 14 countries and about 40million people.


Europe is located entirely in the northern hemisphere and mostly in the eastern hemisphere, it is bordered by the arctic ocean to the north, the Atlantic ocean to the west and the Mediterranean sea to the south.

It comprises the western most part of Eurasia. Europe consist of 44 countries and a population of over 741million people.

north america

North america is within the northern hemisphere and almost all within the western hemisphere. It is also considered by some to be a northern subcontinent of the Americans. It is bordered to the east by the Atlantic ocean, to the west and south by the pacific ocean, and to the southwest by South America and the Caribbean sea.

North America consist of 23 countries, and a population of over 579million people.

south america

South america is in the western hemisphere, mostly in the southern hemisphere with a relatively small portion in the northern hemisphere. It may also be considered a subcontinent of the america.

It’s bordered on the west by the pacifics and on the north and east by the Atlantic ocean, North America and the caribbean sea lies to the northwest. It consist of 12 countries with a population over 422million people.