top 10-Top 10 things most humans can’t do.

10. sneezing with your eyes opened

Sneezing with the eyes wide open, seems an almost impossible thing to do for some people, but it is very possible for some

9. putting your fist into your mouth

Majority of the people that can do this are women, while the only few men that can usually have small hands and wide mouth.

8. moving your foot and fist clockwise and simultaneously

This is an almost impossible act, but how amazing few people around the world still find it possible.

7. touching your nose with your tongue.

Well only 10% of the world population can perform this act and it is a genetic trait also.

6. touching your chin with your tongue.

This requires a stretchy tongue.

5. tongue tricks.

This involves stretching your tongue, rolling it, split it, etc. We seem to have a lot of tongue tricks.

4. double jointed

Double jointness also known as hyper mobility is when the joint stretches farther than normal, it is quite common than you think as over 25% of the world population are double jointed, they can do all the bending and twisting on their body part which a lot of people are not able to do.

3. eating a spoonful of cinnamon

choking on cinnamon

This sound simple, but can turn out really spicy. It is dangerous to try this in an isolated place as it could choke you ,and result in irritation.

2. tickling yourself

Tickling yourself to laughter is an uncommon thing, but some people are really capable of doing this to themselves.

  1. putting your foots behing your head.

Finally, the most difficult of them all as it requires extreme flexibility to make this happen.

Well then guys which of these can you perform write it in the comment section below.