General-The Right Use Of Science And Technology (ways science have helped us)

1.Medicine/health care


Science and technology has help improved the medical and healthcare program in various ways, it has cultured the increase in death rate, safe delievery, and also has helped in conducting succesful medical operations. Highlighted below are some ways science and technology jas helped

• Production of vaccines to help control and eradicate killer diseases that may affect a child in the early age, diseases like poliomyelitis, whooping cough, chicken pox and small pox among others.

• Production of medicines and drug, most disease has being found cure to and those that virtually has no cure science, has help to provide subtle ways which includes therapy, on how to control them to increase life span of the patients of those disease that has no cure.

• Equipment has been made available for the diagnosis, prvention and cure of some diseases


Syringes, needle, surgical blades, stethoscope, phig, life machines, scanning machines, physiotherapy machines, oxygen cylinder etc these are technological equipment that have being created to help live a healthy life.

Science and technology has enabled us to stay healthy through maintaining good personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, drinking or using pure water, eating balance diet and living in a well ventilated area etc.

Caesarian sessions, drugs 💊 💊 and equipment have ensured safer and less traumatic delieveries, and preserving the lives of both mums and their babies.

2. Agriculture

Science or applied science (technology) also has an history with Agriculture through the following technology and science have increase agricultural production :

• Breeding, drought/diseases resistant and high yielding/early maturing varieties, this and others are what technology has helped to put in place in the agriculture sector today.

• Use of herbicides and pesticides to control weeds and pest.

• Maintaining and improving soil fertility through flood and erosion control, application of fertilizers to increase the yield of cultivated crops.

• Mechanization via the use of tractors to cultivate large piece of land beyound human power, harvesters to harvest crop produce, sprayers, food processing and storage devices to avoid food damage and large loss, among others.


3. Information And Communication Technology (ICT)

Living in the twenty first century means we conduct modern day business or carry out routine daily activities with the help of information communication technology devices, via our computers, fax machines, mobile and cell phones, the internet, the satellites, ATM (Automated Telling Machines), robots, credit cards, among others. It is possible to store transfer or interchange data and information of all kinds i.e text, graphics, sounds, videos over varieties of channels like public telephone lines, private cables, microwaves and satellites.


Computer or computer chips have revolutionalized the use of technology to solve a lot of problems including medical problems. We have devices like the haemodialysis machines, computerized hearing aids, pacemaker etc. The mobile cell phone has become a vital piece of tool billions of people all over the world. Well the world advancement history is not complete without making mention of technology.

communication tech.