Effect Of Technology On Us and Our Environment.

faced with high tech

Wondering why I talk so much about technology here, it is simply because it is what we use in our everyday life, our life is not complete without it, ranging from gadgets like our mobile phones, desktop computer, home appliances, our vehicles, our roads our electricity etc. all are advents of technology, we all have ideas about. this devices are very helpful for a simple life, but as good as this seem to be, they also have their effect on us, and our environments. Effects could be Positive or Negative, we shall be looking at both the positive effects and the negative effect.

Agreement on the superiority of both effects is really not contestable, as the negative effect could be said to weigh higher than the positive effects at different perspective. Positive effect could be said to be great as one of the major reasons for the inventions of these tech is duly for life simplicity. having known all of this, the toll, of the negative effect on us seems greater, the climates, the solar system, our environment and even on our kids is vast also.

global warming

Positive Effect

The good stress free life we live in now is nothing to compare to the suffering and hardship of the old time or literary the cave men age. the advent of technology has helped so far has in promoting us to high advancement .

climate change

Negative Effect

the earth

The changes we face today with in our climate, our weather conditions are basically result from the emergence of new technology. Indeed a very clear example of this is the phenomenon of carbon monoxide i.e (carbon II oxide) emanating from automobile exhaust, even though it odor seem offensive its effect on the solar system is seems great, because that gas is poisonous and it may end up damaging the ozone layer and at the which may result so harsh weather condition, this weather conditions are not usually favorable to the people living close to deserts like the Sahara, countries in the northern part of Africa suffers greatly for this. Also the fall of acid-rain, effects of Global warming, are as a result of the invention of most tech that make use of chemical compounds that are not friendly to the solar system, because most of their activities are not friendly to the environment of the earth in the space, they tend to create problem in the solar system and this results in the problems we now face.

Aside the negative effect of technology on our climates and weather conditions, it has also take some toll on humanity living, yes though it is good to live a simple life but sometimes this simple life deprives from being hard working, and self reliant. where have to depend on machines to do all our chores for us. Aside being a factor that motivate laziness, technology has also being a source for modern days corruption and distractions. A lot of students no longer read their books because they are being distracted by their mobile phones, computers, and they tends to fail most of their exams. invention of this technological gadgets has also increase fraudulent activities to its peak, it seem the generation of more advanced programs and software technology also aim at increasing fraudulent act.

After reading this i know most readers will have a lot of question to ask, but it is true that technology has help us all ranging from the least technological gadgets to the high once like the life support machine, the spaceship the air plane and others but we shouldn’t forget that the this gadgets are very helpful but their adverse effect are really dealing blows on us today.