How To Prepared For An Exam In Short Time (a space of three weeks)

Most students often wonder how to prepare for an exam and make good pass in such a short time, well, read on and you will find out how to prepare for an exam in less than three weeks and still make your desired score.

Though this may seem very imposible but, it is, what is needed is an extra effort. Well there are what you must do if you really want to make a pass, most students often come across this problem of how to prepare for exam in a short time because of some of this reason

  1. Laziness
  2. Postponing when to read, and finally
  3. Distractions

Here are the steps you need to take to avert failure.

  1. Make use of your free time ; yes!! instead of using your free time for playing video games and watching movies, why not use that time to prepare yourself, it will give you an edge in covering a lot on youe books.
  2. How to study ; it’s obvious what scares a lot of student from reading is the bulkiness of what they have to read, well here are some steps that you need to take to avert reading the whole textbook and gain nothing from it.

I. Focus on the exam syllabus ; whether O’level exam, A’level exam, UME exams, navigating your way through the syllabus of any exam is the utimate ,try picking relevant topics that concern the exam, as you know you have such a short time to the exam. Preparation made should solely be on shortcuts and brief outlines that will help you assimilate a whole lot in just one piece

II. Opt for past and previous questions based on the said exam ; most exam bodies keep recycling questions on yearly basis you might just be lucky to come across some, so it wise u constantly practice and prepare with the question.

3. Finally, i wont say abstain from using your gadgets, as they are major source of distraction, but use of such gadgets should be limited in order to focus, Play video games less, watch movie less, join good groups online, attend tutorials and also do a lot of brainstorm, you will surely make a good pass


Dedicated to all nigerian 🇳🇬 students